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Eco-Industrial Park





Logistics & Warehousing

$200M USD

150 Acres

Executive Summary: The eco-industrial park (EIP) for agrobusiness in Santo Domingo will be located in an attractive location near the Port of Haina and the Port of Caucedo. It will serve as a one-stop-shop for a range of industries, including agriculture, tourism, pharmaceuticals, meat, seafood, and cosmetics. The park will also serve as a hub for local co-ops and small farmers throughout the country. Equipped with state-of-the-art and eco-friendly facilities, the park will provide warehousing and logistics services. It will feature a modern, cutting-edge cold storage facility spanning 600,000 square feet, as well as ambient temperature-controlled warehouse space. This will enable companies to store and transport their goods safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Furthermore, the park will be powered by renewable energy sources, contributing to the government's and investors' commitment to developing sustainable infrastructure in the country. Its strategic location will also provide easy access to major import and export markets, particularly in North America. This will offer American businesses the option to consider the eco-industrial park in Santo Domingo for nearshoring solutions. Nearshoring is a practice where businesses relocate their production facilities closer to their home markets to take advantage of lower labor costs and faster delivery times. This would facilitate increased foreign investment in the Dominican Republic, boosting the country's economy and providing opportunities for local businesses to collaborate with international partners.

In addition to serving as a hub for international trade and investment, the proposed industrial park will also serve as a national food security solution in the event of a national or regional emergency. With the growing population and increasing demand for food products in the Dominican Republic, the need for proper storage and distribution facilities has become a pressing issue. The eco-industrial park's modern facilities and advanced technology will ensure that food products are stored and transported in a safe and hygienic manner, reducing the risk of spoilage and ensuring a reliable food supply for the people of the Dominican Republic

Market Analysis: The Dominican Republic is an ideal investment destination due to its flourishing agriculture, textile, manufacturing, and tourism industries. With its strategic location, outsourcing capabilities, and competitive business environment, it is a preferred choice for North American companies seeking nearshoring solutions. Our proposed industrial park in Santo Domingo will be the perfect central hub for a wide range of industries, including tourism, pharmaceutical, meat, seafood, cosmetics, farming, and agricultural co-ops. The location is strategically chosen due to its excellent access to highways and airports, providing unparalleled convenience for import and export markets. With the growing demand for nearshoring options, investing in this industrial park is a smart move that will provide attractive returns on investment for many years to come.

Product/Service Line:

Our industrial park is positioned to become a prime destination for businesses seeking secure and efficient warehousing and logistics services. With a final build-out of approximately 2 million square feet of modern warehouse space, including temperature-controlled facilities for soybeans and grains, we are poised to meet the growing demand for cold storage in the region. Our state-of-the-art, custom refrigeration technology boasts over 600,000 square feet of cold storage capacity, making it a key asset for businesses across a variety of industries. Additionally, we provide logistics and distribution services that can cater to a wide range of industries and customers, allowing for seamless storage and shipping solutions. By investing in our industrial park, you can benefit from a cutting-edge facility, strategically located near highways and airports, that provides comprehensive warehousing and logistics services for businesses in the Dominican Republic and beyond.

Marketing and Sales: The marketing plan aims to promote the services of this industrial park through various channels, including local, national, and international trade magazines, social media platforms, industry networking events, and other relevant marketing initiatives. The sales and business development teams will target potentially interested parties such as those in the pharmaceutical, hospitality, farming, and environmental industries, with the goal of attracting them as tenants and positioning the park as a nearshoring option for North American businesses.


The management team of the park will comprise experienced and qualified professionals in real estate, logistics, and industrial park management. Their responsibilities will include providing excellent customer service, maintaining the facility, offering technical support to clients, and managing rental expenses. This will ensure that tenants receive the highest levels of satisfaction.

Financial Projections: The industrial park's prime location, reasonable lease rates, wide range of services, and high-quality facilities are projected to generate a strong return on investment (ROI) for the project team. Based on the expected occupancy rate of 80% within 2 years and lease rates similar to current market rates for industrial parks and cold storage in the Dominican Republic, the project team anticipates a steady increase in revenue from competitive lease rates and logistics and distribution services offered. This, coupled with the cost savings achieved through economies of scale, is expected to contribute to a high ROI over time. The project team is confident that they can deliver stable returns while ensuring customer satisfaction through the provision of quality facilities and services.

Job Creation: The industrial park will have a significant impact on the social and economic development of the region. It will create job opportunities across various skill levels, reduce unemployment, and improve the standard of living of those who are hired. Additionally, it will bring new residents to the area, increasing the demand for housing and basic needs, leading to the development of new communities and improving the quality of life. The industrial park will also contribute significantly to the local economy by increasing consumer spending, stimulating local businesses, and

attracting new businesses to the area, thus creating more jobs and contributing to the region's economic growth. Overall, it will create a prosperous and sustainable future for the region. Conclusion: In conclusion, the proposed industrial park in Santo Domingo offers modern facilities, a strategic location, and a range of logistics and distribution services that make it an attractive nearshoring option for North American businesses. Its proximity to North American markets, skilled workforce, and favorable business environment further support its potential as a hub for trade and investment. The cold storage facility, ambient temperature-controlled warehouse, and prime location are significant factors that make it a compelling option for businesses. In addition, the project's job creation opportunities will help to stimulate economic growth for the Dominican Republic, making the industrial park a crucial pillar in driving trade and investment, both domestically and internationally.

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