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HSG Prepared to Bring Tropical Green Skin Avocados to US

Holistic Solutions Global

Holistic Solutions Global (HSG) is a seed-to-market producer of Tropicados™, tropical green skinned avocados that grow in the warm, fertile climate of the Dominican Republic. As the premier tropical avocado company, HSG is bringing excitement to the category. President Harvey Garcia says, “Avocados are one of the most popular fruits in stores today, and consumers are looking for variety. Right now there is little awareness of the tropical green skin avocado. We are eager to partner with retailers and provide them with the inventory and support to showcase our brand Tropicados. We have an exciting story to tell.” Retail support will include promotions, in-store demonstrations and educational material like point-of-purchase displays and signage.

Tropical avocados offer many advantages over the Hass avocado. Because they are typically larger in size, tropical avocados offer more value for your money. If you’re unable to use the entire avocado, leftovers store well in your refrigerator for up to three days without oxidizing. Tropicados are a healthier option, with about 1/3 less calories than Hass avocados. “The tropical avocado is more ideal for popular items like smoothies, salads and sushi. It works well for the foodservice industry, and is a great all-around avocado,” says Garcia. “We are excited to roll out promotions this year that will help support retail sales.”

Tropicados are grown in the southern region of the Dominican Republic at HSG’s Caribe Farms, and the company also has grower partnerships throughout all four regions of the country. Founded in 2015, family-owned HSG has deep roots in the Dominican Republic. Garcia’s parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic, and he considers it a second home. “We have built longstanding relationships there. We have a true understanding of the landscape, its people and the products we grow,” says Garcia. Garcia also grew up in a grocery store setting as his father has owned a supermarket in New York State for over 35 years.

HSG’s long-term plans are to transform agriculture in the Caribbean. “We want to revolutionize agriculture in the Dominican Republic by improving global availability of the highest quality fruits and vegetables with no compromise,” says Garcia. “With the backing of the people in the Dominican Republic, we expect agricultural business to take off. We see an almost limitless potential for growth there.” HSG offers a full array of tropical fruits and vegetables including mangos and papayas.

HSG uses a holistic approach in farming, choosing all natural fertilizers and organic agricultural solutions. No toxic chemicals are used which is evident by the thriving honey farm adjacent to the company’s avocado trees. HSG is in the process of getting USDA organic certification and anticipates certification being complete by the end of 2020. “Sustainability is a top priority for us. Our goal is to positively impact global health with fresh, great tasting fruit while providing retailers with organic products at affordable prices,” says Garcia. To further preserve the quality of products and maximize freshness, HSG has partnered with Hazel Technologies to extend the shelf life of its fruits and vegetables by 30-40%.

Along with eco-friendly practices, Garcia believes it is just as important to help improve the quality of its farmers’ lives. The HSG farmer incentive program goes above and beyond Fair Trade to provide worker incentives that improve their standard of life substantially and also establishes a foundation for true long-term partnerships. 

HSG expects heavy volumes of Tropicados beginning June 1, 2020 throughout the rest of the year. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers are experiencing avocado shortages. We’re excited to fill that gap at a time of great uncertainty,” says Garcia. “We have one of the largest farms in production this season. We anticipate steady volume throughout the rest of the year.” When you order from HSG, there is no middleman. The process is seamless since HSG is your single point of contact, and farm to dock delivery in the U.S. is often available within 48 hours.

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