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Our organization is committed to promoting sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. We work in the trenches with farmers and food cooperatives to create an ecosystem that is not only sustainable but also regenerative. Our aim is to develop a model agroecological system in the Dominican Republic that will serve as an inspiration for countries around the world.


Through our efforts, we have made significant progress in improving food security in the Dominican Republic. We believe that our approach to farming can help transform the industry by promoting a more sustainable and ecologically responsible approach to agriculture. By working closely with farmers and cooperatives, we are able to develop innovative solutions that improve productivity and promote environmental sustainability.


Our focus on sustainable farming practices has led us to grow, harvest, pack, and deliver high-quality organic foods to consumers worldwide. We are committed to providing healthy food options to people around the world who are looking for better nutrition and better health outcomes. By doing so, we are helping to build a more resilient food system that benefits everyone, from farmers to consumers.


We believe that our work in the industry has the potential to transform agriculture and improve the lives of people around the world. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices that will lead to a healthier planet and a brighter future for all. We invite you to join us in this mission and help us build a better world through regenerative agriculture.

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Our Brands


At HSG, we're passionate about growing and harvesting healthier, more nutritious food for consumers around the world. Our company is the parent company of several respected brands, including Tropicados™, Caribe Farms, República Dominicana Regenerativa, the Dominican Soybean Association, and the Dominican Grain Association. Each of these ventures shares our commitment to sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices that produce high-quality, nutrient-rich foods.


Through our brands, we're working to build a better food system that benefits everyone, from farmers to consumers. Our focus is on growing and harvesting foods that are not only better for you, but also better for the environment. We believe that by promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture, we can help create a healthier planet for future generations.


As a company, we're always looking for new retail partners who share our values and commitment to quality. If you're interested in joining us on our mission to provide healthier, more nutritious foods to consumers around the world, we invite you to contact us. Let's work together to build a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

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Premium Tropical Avocados – Irresistibly exquisite.


Premium tropicals and exotic produce

from the Dominican Republic.


we source, process, pack and ship all of our products.

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Our mission at HSG is to promote sustainable agriculture and provide high-quality, nutrient-rich foods to consumers worldwide. We are committed to building a more sustainable food system that benefits everyone, from farmers to consumers.

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