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HSG Brings the Taste of the Dominican Republic to the Rest of the World.

We are passionate growers and distributors of farm fresh tropical fruit and exotic produce lovingly grown in the paradise land of the Dominican Republic.


Our tropical produce including premium quality tropical avocados, succulently sweet mangoes, and papayas, are nurtured in the mineral-rich fields of small-holder farmers, enriched by the country’s tropical climate, and arrive at your doorstep bursting with pure goodness and flavor.


At Holistic Solutions Global (HSG), our promise is to bring you premium quality fruits and vegetables, at affordable prices and at record times, so they retain their fresh taste.



Besides introducing the tropical delights of the Dominican Republic to the rest of the world, our mission has always been to contribute towards the growth of the agronomy of the nation by creating thousands of new employment opportunities for the locals and of course, raising awareness about the wealth of natural produce flourishing in the country.


As a company, we are committed to eco-friendliness and sustainability. We use eco-friendly products in our production and distribution processes whenever possible, and by drastically reducing transportation times, we double the days retailers have to sell our produce to consumers, which alleviates food waste. To further preserve the quality of our produce and to maximize freshness, we have partnered with Hazel Technologies to extend the shelf life of our fruit and vegetables by 30-40%.


HSG is part of the farming process, ships and directly distributes the produce, hereby eliminating the need for middlemen. This means our farmers directly enjoy the profits and our consumers enjoy the freshest of fruit and vegetables as if they were picked in their backyards. Our deliveries take place swiftly, in as little as 2 days from the time the produce is harvested, to various regions in the U.S, Canada, and Europe.


HSG controls over 500 acres of land in the Dominican Republic, spanning across four regions, and sources its produce from small farm owners who take pride in growing their fruit and vegetables, naturally. Since inception, we have maintained collaborative relationships with our farming communities and have in place an incentive program that uplifts their livelihoods and quality of life.

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